“One of my great pleasures in life is designing solutions that my clients need and love!” Denise Vlamis, Founder and CEO of DispenseFirst, Inc.

From the Founder

As a product of the 70s, cannabis legalization was always important to me. I remember Saturdays spent in the grassy spectator section watching the Iowa Hawkeyes football team compete. Hundreds of us enjoying the game together, while passing joints, as campus security looked on unbothered. It was so fun!

After college, I moved to Chicago and became a banker. Years later, I resigned to practice independent consulting. Along the way, I taught myself how to code. Through my consulting ventures, I discovered a niche opportunity – businesses needed custom technology to truly streamline operations and grow. Thus, I started a company and developed custom software solutions for small to Fortune 500 companies.

When Illinois legalized medical cannabis, I was so excited and wanted to contribute to the program’s success. I researched solutions for cannabis dispensaries and realized that the type of proven business solutions developed by me over the years did not yet exist. I wanted to remedy this problem by designing and coding the perfect solution for dispensaries, which I named DispenseFirst.

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DispenseFirst was specifically designed to help dispensaries manage operations-not just sales, customers and inventory. Our customers tell us that DispenseFirst ensures that their entire operation remains optimized, organized and compliant. They also tell us that they appreciate how reliable the solution is, therefore, rarely requiring support. It’s such a rewarding experience partnering and growing with customers that attribute much of their success to DispenseFirst. Let us partner with you – please reach out to explore DispenseFirst.

Our Team

Our team consist of a group of highly motivated, experienced and thoughtful consultants, coders, IT professionals and other personnel. We also consider our dispensary clients to be part of our team. The valuable feedback that they continue to share dramatically enhances the usefulness of DispenseFirst. For this, we are so thankful.

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