Focus on customer experience and upselling

Your cannabis POS should be an asset, not a challenge!

DispenseFirst products overview


Everything you need to keep operations running smoothly.

- Product catalog
- Order management
- Built-in discounts & loyalty features
- Purchase order & inventory management
- Financial accounting
- Optimized reports
- Built-in receipt printing system
- Multi Store functionalities
- Responsive customer support team

DispenseFirst POS
DispenseFirst POS

Online Store

Create a unique online experience for your customers. Improve the experience by using analytic tools to help you better understand your customer’s preferences. You will have a dedicated website where you can sell your products without any transaction fees! Since your online shopping cart is built into your POS, setup is a breeze and ongoing management minimal.

Multi Payment System

Don't limit your dispensary to one payment method. Accept:

- Debit Cards (FDIC approved solution)
- CanPay
- Cash

DispenseFirst Payment image
DispenseFirst Kiosk


Let your customers place orders in-store or while enjoying your cafe and lounge.

- Simple user interface.
- Cannabis allotment is tracked.
- Upsell more products.
- Process more orders, faster.


Our pricing has no hidden fees.


Perfect for starting

$899/mo (per store)
  • feature checkUp to 8 POS stations
  • feature checkOnline Store
  • feature checkNo printer transaction fees
  • feature checkDebit card payment
  • no feature checkKiosk
  • no feature checkLeafly integration
  • no feature checkClutch integration
  • no feature checkMulti store support


Everything you need to run smoothly

$1399/mo (per store)
  • feature checkUnlimited POS stations
  • feature checkOnline Store
  • feature checkNo printer transaction fees
  • feature checkDebit card payment
  • feature checkKiosk
  • feature checkLeafly integration
  • feature checkClutch integration
  • feature checkMulti store support

We integrate with:

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we can’t since you own your data! Your data is stored in a private database that is not shared by any other dispensary organization.

Yes! It is our client feature add requests that have made our POS system so valuable to dispensaries. Our architecture enables us to code features quickly and to deploy software updates only to those clients making a request. Once the feature is approved and fully tested by the client, we are able to roll out the update to all dispensary clients.

Our online shopping cart and kiosk are driven by the POS system and therefore inventory items are pulled from your working inventory – not the State’s system. Inventory is reserved when the customer places the order. New customers are automatically added to your POS customer file. Recreational and medical customer allotments are automatically tracked. Sale pricing and discounts are applied to cart purchases. When the user places the order, the order feeds directly into the POS as an open order – there is no need for your dispensary agents to monitor cart orders!

DispenseFirst 2.0, released in December, 2022, was built from the ground up using some of the latest and most robust web technology resources available, while replicating the proven business logic of DispenseFirst 1.0. Our technology enables us to code quickly and deploy updates often. Our customers do not share their POS application or database with any other dispensary organization. Therefore, application speed is consistent. The POS was built to manage dispensary operations and financial accounting, not just sales, customers and inventory. Our customers tell us that DispenseFirst ensures that their entire operation remains organized and compliant. They also tell us that they appreciate how reliable the solution is; rarely requiring support. Matter of fact, our customers require support once every two to three months.

Absolutely not! We will import your historical data. Additionally, you should be able to use your existing hardware. Please contact us to discuss the move to DispenseFirst.