Inventory Management

DispensaryAccounting for every gram of inventory in your facility is extremely important. DispenseFirst makes this difficult task easy!

Rarely does inventory not match the State’s count for DispenseFirst Clients. Built into the solution is proprietary software for assuring that real-time messages – not synced messages, exchanged between the Dispensary and State system are not lost!

Perhaps the most important feature of DispenseFirst is it’s ability to tell you the inventory product by batch number that is not in sync with the State’s Traceability system. This feature alone saves you hours of time! All messages exchanged with the State are stored in your database; tracing and resolving compliance issues are quick and easy.

DispenseFirst requires no sub-batching of inventory and enables you to print an inventory menu including chemical composition in real-time, with or without pricing.

Manual inventory counting is much easier, quicker, and less prone to errors with DispenseFirst. Remote barcode counting is interfaced with the software.

Chemical composition percentages are automatically downloaded from the State Traceability system when available, and available within DispenseFirst for menu printing, kiosk or website access.

Special pricing may be assigned inventory wide or per inventory item based on any combination of category, grams, minimum and maximum quantities and starting and ending dates.

The DispenseFirst application manages inventory using a perpetual inventory FIFO (first in, first out) system. All transactions affecting inventory, including sales, purchases, and detailed journal entries are stored within the DF application.