DispenseFirstRxUpon reviewing POS applications for cannabis dispensaries, v5 discovered that robust and secure solutions to streamline dispensary operations were not available. It was apparent that dispensary software providers had industry expertise, yet lacked business process knowledge. Thus, DispenseFirst was developed to provide dispensaries with a solution that seamlessly helps manage and grow their business while providing each with unique competitive advantages.

The DispenseFirst application may be accessed via the cloud and it may be stored on a cloud-based server. However, the software is not browser-based like some of it’s competitors’ software.

Disadvantages of browser-based software applications:

  • Data Security: More susceptible to hackers and data breeches.
  • Data Ownership: Clients rarely own the database storing their proprietary data. Additionally, the database is usually shared with other Clients.
  • Speed and Dependability: Browser-based software is subject to your Internet connection uptime and speed. Furthermore, speed is impacted by the browser-based software; 1000s of users may be accessing the same software, processing payments and writing to the same database at the same time.
  • Downtime: If the Internet goes down or the browser-based software goes down, the dispensary is unable to access their records and in most cases, unable to transact business.

The DispenseFirst technology integrates with a State’s Traceability system, bar code scanner, credit card reader, scale, cash drawer and receipt printer. Finger print readers and other technology may be interfaced.