Prior to developing DispenseFirst, we conducted an analysis of the top five seed to sale solutions. Our conclusion: the industry has matured, the solutions have not.

DispenseFirst is an extremely fast, secure and scalable solution that may run on a dedicated cloud server(s) that is shared by all dispensaries across an organization. What makes DispenseFirst so fast is that users are not sending and receiving information packets across the Internet! Instead, users are working in a desktop setting environment located on your secure cloud server;  similar to how medium to Fortune 500 companies operate.

This solution is integrated with BioTrackTHC™, Metrc™ and the PMP Clearinghouse™.

DispenseFirst provides organizations and local dispensaries with a solution that streamlines operations, drives innovation and accelerates growth. Moreover, DispenseFirst enables each organization to maintain a distinctive competitive advantage.

Unlike DispenseFirst, many of the seed to sale solutions are built upon unstable and unreliable platforms that crash and/or have been hacked, costing dispensary owners hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. In one such crash, it was questionable as to whether dispensaries would be able to retrieve historical data.

Based on organizational requirements, the DispenseFirst platform may run in the cloud, deployed on-premise or deployed to a hosted environment. As dispensary organizations grow, they will experience a platform design that is flexible, scalable, and easily migratable.