DispenseFirst is integrated with BioTrackTHC™, Metrc™ and the PMP™.

How does DispenseFirst help dispensaries stay organized, drive innovation, increase sales, and remain competitive?

To drive innovation, increase sales, and remain competitive, dispensaries require organized business processes and reliable transactional data. The systematic design of DispenseFirst ensures that your general manager and employees are organized and compliant. The business and data logic built into DispenseFirst ensures that your data is reliable.

Proactive CRM features built into the solution at the POS enables budtenders to focus on the customer experience and upselling, thus helping to increase sales, brand loyalty, competitive advantage and the volume of customers a budtender can service in one day.

DispenseFirst ensures that every transaction across dispensary operations is electronically accounted for, therefore eliminating all transaction-related manual tracking, human error and traceability issues associated with uploading sales and inventory to a third-party accounting system. With DispenseFirst, your general manager is able to generate and compile all state quarterly reporting within minutes.

Only when a dispensary has reliable, near real time business and financial data in one database, can reports and analytics effectively enable management to seize opportunities, address concerns and drive improved business results.

Prior to developing DispenseFirst, we conducted an analysis of the top five seed to sale solutions. Our conclusion: the industry has matured, the solutions have not.

POS providers are touting that their solutions are an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) – well they are not. These solutions are missing Invoice, Purchase, Receivables, Payables, HR, and Financial Management features – the processes required to be a true ERP. These processes are an integral part of DispenseFirst.

DispenseFirst was specifically designed to help dispensary owners manage operations, not just sales, customers and inventory. Our customers tell us that DispenseFirst ensures that their entire operation remains organized and compliant. They also tell us that they appreciate how reliable the solution is, therefore, rarely requiring support. Matter of fact, our customers require support once every two to three months.

States that require 24/7 access to your dispensary data have Inventory visibility only, which is sufficient. The majority, if not all, POS systems allow the State Auditors to view non-inventory related data.

Unlike DispenseFirst, many of the cannabis POS solutions are built upon unstable and unreliable platforms that crash and/or have been hacked, costing dispensary owners hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. In one such crash, it was questionable as to whether dispensaries would be able to retrieve their historical data.

Based on dispensary requirements, the DispenseFirst solution may be deployed on-premise, in the Azure cloud, or on a private cloud server. As dispensary organizations grow, they will experience a platform design that is fast, flexible, scalable, and easily migratable.

With DispenseFirst, you own your database. In other words, you have complete control over your data. You can copy the entire database and use third-party tools to query it, independent of DispenseFirst integration.

Training and support for DispenseFirst are provided by a group of seventy experienced programmers trained on the solution. Training requirements for the software are minimal. The system provides systematic navigation through user friendly prompts, thus enabling users to learn the system quickly with few questions and mistakes.
Absolutely not! We will import your historical data free-of-charge. Additionally, you should be able to use your existing hardware. Please feel free to contact us to discuss a potential move.

DispenseFirst Features:

The POS interface is an easy to use touch screen solution allowing you to scan barcodes or select products based on Categories and Supplier. Inventory is reserved upon cart entry. Special pricing and discounts are automatically subtracted from the sale cost of the product at the POS. Any combination of coupons, discounts and points may be applied. Batch #s and consultation notes are printed on each receipt. Double printing of receipts is also available. Cannabis limits are tracked to ensure that customer limits are not exceeded. Denials and electronic recall notices are built into the POS solution. Customer returns and refunds are simple. Customer payments may be in the form of cash, check, credit or debit card, and credit memos.
Rarely does inventory not match the State’s count for DispenseFirst Clients. Built into the solution is proprietary software for ensuring that real-time messages – not synced messages, exchanged between the Dispensary and State system are not lost! All messages exchanged with the State are stored in your database; tracing and resolving compliance issues are quick and easy. DispenseFirst requires no sub-batching of inventory and enables you to print an inventory menu including chemical composition in real-time, with or without pricing. Manual inventory counting is much easier, quicker, and less prone to errors with DispenseFirst. Remote barcode counting is interfaced with the software. Special pricing may be assigned inventory wide or per inventory item based on any combination of category, grams, minimum and maximum quantities and starting and ending dates.
DispenseFirst helps medical dispensaries remain HIPAA compliant. Medical use features  built into the solution include: (1) patient, caregiver, and physician verification records and information, (2) denial records, and (3) dispensary follow-up, consultation, educational, dosage, and prescription order records that may include attached, scanned documents. Medical and adult use cannabis limits are tracked. Recalls are also handled electronically through the solution. There are numerous types of loyalty programs available within DispenseFirst that you may offer customers. In addition, loyalty program providers may interface with DispenseFirst to enable you to provide customers with more choices.
Employee management within DispenseFirst includes credentials and access level management, time sheet and payroll management, and the following: safe access, verification, training, educational and HR records that may include attached, scanned documents. Training records may be generated on demand for State auditors.
Why is it important to license a POS solution with back-office accounting built in? We have been asked this question several times. The primary feature of an integrated accounting system is that information is entered once and is shared with other files and reports across the application, including the general ledger. This level of efficiency and data integrity cannot be achieved by a system that is not integrated, or requires data to be uploaded to a non-integrated accounting system such as QuickBooks™. The DispenseFirst back-office components include Invoice Management, Purchase Order Management, Receivables and Payables Management, HR Management and Financial Management.