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An enterprise business management solution with a POS interface for Cannabis Dispensaries.

DispenseFirst is an extremely fast, secure and scalable solution that may run on a dedicated cloud server(s) that is shared by all dispensaries across an organization. What makes DispenseFirst so fast is that users are not sending and receiving information packets across the Internet! Instead, users are working in a desktop setting environment located on your secure cloud server;  similar to how medium to Fortune 500 companies operate.

Dispensary Testimonials

“DispenseFirst is awesome and has been an intricate part of our early success. This software is extremely helpful with managing operations and works flawlessly with the State system. All of our back-office accounting is handled in DispenseFirst thus the task of generating quarterly inventory and financial reports for the State is completed in minutes. Support is fantastic and responsive. DispenseFirst is definitely our most important tool.” Robert Kingsley, Principal Managing Partner, GreenGate Chicago

“Switching from a nationally known cannabis POS system to DispenseFirst (DF) was one of most important operational decisions our dispensary has ever made.  We’ve needed a ton of customizations and DF has given us all of them, in a matter of days, which ensures our operations are always optimized.  Highly recommend.” Zachary Zises, Principal Managing Partner, Dispensary 33 (the largest Dispensary in Illinois)

“In 2015, we received the first medical cannabis dispensary license in the City of Chicago. As a principal managing partner, I was tasked with finding a POS solution to run our dispensary. I beta tested MJ Freeway, BioTrackTHC and DispenseFirst. I felt the first two were all hype – lacking real substance. Being a pharmacist and longstanding pharmacy owner, I knew what the software had to accomplish. Working with Denise Vlamis has been an outstanding experience. She never promised what she couldn’t deliver. Nothing works perfect from the beginning, but she worked tirelessly seven days a week to fix any and all issues. We are getting continual upgrades and improvements. We couldn’t be more satisfied with DispenseFirst.” Barry Golin, Principal Managing Partner, MOCA, LLC

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DispenseFirst is comprised of a team of highly seasoned  government, business, technology and seed-to-sale consultants to the cannabis industry. The DispenseFirst application is an easy to use enterprise business management and accounting solution with a touch screen POS interface. Features include



Prior to developing DispenseFirst, we conducted an analysis of the top five seed to sale solutions. Our conclusion: the industry has matured, the solutions have not. DispenseFirst is integrated with BioTrackTHC™, Metrc™ and the PMP Clearinghouse™.


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Dispensaries may contact us at 708.361.1262 with questions or email


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  • Dispensaries
    DispenseFirst is an enterprise business solution that provides dispensaries with the ability to outpace competitors and to expand operations through efficient resource utilization, greater overall...
  • Hardware and Network
    The DispenseFirst application helps dispensaries remain HIPPA compliant. Patient health information, as well as all data in the application, is stored in a SQL Server...



DispenseFirst is an enterprise business solution that provides dispensaries with the ability to outpace competitors and to expand operations through efficient resource utilization, greater overall management of relationships and unsurpassed operational efficiency.
The DispenseFirst solution has no workstation limits. The work stations may run over a wired or wireless network or via an Internet connection using any type of computer, laptop or tablet.
DispenseFirst must be installed on a Window’s server at your location or in the Cloud. There are numerous options available for workstation compatibility across operating system platforms. Please feel free to contact us to discuss hardware and network options.